cooking with oil

Deep Frying

If you don't have any of the deep fry machines that are now widely available, use a heavy deep skillet or frying pan. Fill one third of the pan with oil – don’t put in more than this or it could bubble over the edges when food is added. Warm over a moderate heat to the temperature given in the recipe (usually 350F/175C depending on what is being fried). The temperature on deep fat fry units can be set to the desired temperature. Alternatively use an oil cooking thermometer or drop a cube of bread into the hot oil. It should sink to the bottom and then rise to the surface and brown in 60 seconds. Chips require a slightly higher heat than coated foods, because the high water content of potatoes lowers the temperature of the oil. A liquid oil like Rapeseed or Sunflower should ideally be used as it has lower saturated fat content. Where possible make straight cut chips, don’t overload the pan or basket and get the oil temperature to 175C/350F before you start. Cook the chips for 5-6 mins before banging and shaking the wire scoop to drain the chips well. This technique will ensure less oil absorption and a healthier chip, although some chefs suggest frying chips twice for crisper results. Frying times and temperatures vary according to the size and type of food, so always check the recipe.